Fleur designs unique chain of office

chain_of_officeRustington Parish Council has had its new chain of office made by the acclaimed designer Fleur Grenier.

Fleur, who has a workshop near Angmering said she was more than happy to undertake the work.

The artist who works both in silver and pewter, said: “I was thrilled when Councillor Graham Tyler approached me in Autumn last year and asked me to design a new chain of office for the Rustington Parish Council.

“It was very encouraging to know that the council had the forethought to not only to approach a local craftsperson, but also to ask for a design in my own style rather than a traditional design normally associated with this type of chain.

“The council specified that they would like the new chain to be made in silver.

“I am very proud of the final design and it is great to know that this piece of work will become part of Rustington’s history.”

Rustington Parish Council chairman, Graham Tyler, said he was delighted with the new chain which was commissioned to replace the previous worn and damaged model.

He said: “The council is delighted to have been able to commission Fleur Grenier, a local craftsperson for its new Chain of Office.

“The fact that Fleur is making a name for herself as an excellent and most competent designer/metalsmith nationally, means that the Chain of Office will not only become a most renowned piece of Civic Regalia in the future, as Fleurs reputation evolves.”