Happy New Year & Welcome 2019!

Happy new year and I hope you all had a great Christmas.

After a very busy run up to Christmas, January gives me the chance to clean up the workshop, start commissions, develop new ideas and this January I have set up my  Christmas present from my husband a pillar drill and also a late Christmas present to myself, I have invested in a new guillotine.  To some not the most exciting or traditional gifts!  but for me it has been a very exciting week!!

With my new toys now all fixed to the bench I am ready to begin!

I have booked a mould making and casting in concrete and plaster 2 day workshop this January, as I would like to explore some ideas that have been buzzing around in my head for a while.  Or as my nephew recently put it, “Is there anything you haven’t tried!” My theory its important to keep showing new work not only for my own well being, but so customers continue to see fresh ideas.

I will be showing at Colonnade House in Worthing in February again, so am hoping to have some new pieces with what I have learned on display there, although don’t hold me to that just yet!

I look forward to seeing you some time in 2019.