Pewter Coastal Serviette Holder


This serviette holder is designed to hold a number of paper serviettes, this design will enhance any table whether hosting a special dinner party or for everyday use.

Living not to far away from the beach in Littlehampton, W.Sussex I feel very lucky that each day I step out of my front door and am greeted by the sound and the smell of the sea. I love to walk along the beach and can happily spend hours going up and down looking at the array of pebbles, shells and seaweed washed up onto the beach. I rarely go home without a pocket full of pebbles and shells that have caught my eye.
I wanted the beauty that I find on the beach to reflect in my coastal range designs, the shells have been cast from ones that I found on the beach and I modelled the seaweed from pieces of bladderwrack that can often be seen along the British coastline.

This piece is made in a lead free pewter so will not tarnish it will just need a wash with warm soapy water and dried with a soft cloth to keep its shine.

All items are handmade so may sometimes vary slightly from the picture.

12.5cm x 6.5cm Height 7.5cm